• Рейтинг:
  • Модель:
  • Доступно:
    720 шт.
  • Автор/составитель:
    Lesley Koustaff, Susan Rivers
  • Издательство:
  • Издание:
    Second Edition
  • Дополнительно:
    Рабочая тетрадь и CD-ROM
  • Серия:
    Oxford Discover
  • Количество листов:
1970 р.
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The Oxford Discover Student Book is packed full of interesting content to keep students of all abilities fully engaged and motivated.
The Oxford Discover App offers a visual and hands-on way for children to continue their English learning. With colourful and interactive games, videos, and songs, children can practise the new language they have learnt at school in a fun and engaging way!
Native speaker inquiry-based approach encourages meaningful communication and gets students talking in a natural way.
Big Question linked to a school subject - encourages students to explore and discuss the world around them, helping them to build strong communication and critical thinking skills.
Authentic fiction and non-fiction texts on every topic provide different views on the Big Question.
Enhanced video content encourages students to make stronger connections with their learning through critical thinking, and motivates them to discuss their opinions with each other.
Oxford Discover app quiz app based on content from the course reinforces students' learning outside the classroom.
NEW Teachers' Resource Center includes worksheets, progress tracking for online practice, 'Assessment for Learning Package' and 'Teaching Strategies' videos.
NEW 'Assessment for Learning Package' measures students' progress and achievement in 21st Century skills and reading comprehension.
Cambridge Young Learners English Test linked vocabulary syllabus & Cambridge ESOL style activities.

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